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Primaluna Dialogue Premium Integrated Amplifier [Expired]

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Item Description

This is Primaluna's newly released top of the line integrated. The amp is back-ordered and difficult to get ahold of right now.

It is about 3 weeks old and has about 50 hours on it. I looked at it quite a bit and could not find any sratches or blemishes. I have been very careful with it and it really looks nice. Fantastic amp that has no issues.

It comes with Tung-Sol KT120s which give it a power rating of about 42 WPC.

This unit does not have the optional phono stage.

Note, there are pictures out there of the Dialogue Premium with a different cage than the one included with this amp. That is because the KT-120 tubes do not fit with the "standard" cage so if you order it with KT-120s, it ships with this one. Pictures of the cage are attached.

This amp received a sterling review from The Absolute Sound this month which is on their web-site:

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